Stick It To The Man

I will begin this blog with a small snippet of information about myself.  A few months ago a co-worker told me about a store where you could purchase  cheap cigarettes.  Being my frugal self i investigated this lead.  What i found astonished me.  This glorious store had these {for lack of a better term} awesome robots cigarette rolling machines.  Ok so it turned out that C3P0 was not actually making my cigarettes for me.  It was still the most exciting place i believe i have ever been.   I had found my way to the world of Roll Your Own(RYO).

When you enter your first RYO store you will find yourself oddly at ease.  One of the employees will ask you what brand you prefer, then roll you your first rolled cigarette.  Before I go any further let me clarify RYO – your cigarette isnt actually rolled it is a “tube” that gets stuffed with pipe tobacco. – pipe tobacco only differs from cigarette tobacco in that it is a slightly larger cut of tobacco. The larger cut will go un-noticed as you smoke your new cigarette.  Back to the story, Then the employee will light the cigarette for you.  Do not be alarmed with the new taste on your tongue.  For this is only tobacco.  Amazing, it actually took me quite awhile to figure that one out.

The best thing is that the tobacco is chemical free.  This is why your tongue is oddly confused.  Another side benefit to using pipe tobacco, is that there is no SIN tax.  That’s right just good old-fashioned non-smoker tax.  The purpose of the RYO machines (that you are instructed how to operate for your own personal use) is for you to stuff your freshly purchased tubes with you freshly purchased pipe tobacco.  This process takes between 8 to 12 minutes per carton.  In the Charleston SC area total cost of tubes, pipe tobacco, and rent on the machine will cost you around $25.00 per carton.  Now that’s a good deal.

I have assisted in converting a few people over to the RYO world, but not as many as I would have thought.  Some people just can’t stand change.  It is just so hard for me to watch people waste money on an inferior product.  That’s right, I said inferior.  I now prefer my pipe tobacco to big tobacco’s chemicals.  The choice is yours{for now}.  As for me, I will continue smoking my 3 ½ inches of stick it to the man.

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